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Integrative You is more than creating better health - it is about leveraging better health to be awesome and live an awesome life [a values-driven life as we call it]

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We Are Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole

We created Integrative Medicine on Steroids - like the natural ones ūüėČ.

We have been together for 14 years, running an Integrative Medicine practice for 13 years, and parents for 2 years. A few years ago we knew we hit a point where life just seemed out of balance.  

We have always loved helping people achieve better health through natural and integrative methods. 

In our own experience, despite having good health we were struggling in other areas of life [we then realized so were our clients]

We had a hunch, that there was a better way.  

We developed a method that incorporated every "ology" we learned.¬† This was a method that helped us create our 2.0 practice and our 2.0 life in¬†ūüáģūüáĻ.¬†¬†And now, we share that method with the world

WELCOME to¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ¬†‚̧ԳŹ


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Let's Talk About You

The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ is¬†designed to create clarity for the future, collapse the limits holding you back, calibrate to your higher self, and create your 2.0.¬† And this is how we do it.

Here is the Idea.

It is black and white when you lose your health.  You are feeling symptoms that are limiting you mentally and physically every day. 

It is not as obvious when you are not thriving in your life.  Let’s be clear, being comfortable and thriving are 2 different things. 

We have subscribed to ideas that keep us settling. For instance, relationships are tough, kids are rebellious, you can't not love your job, it's impossible to make money.  It is all of the injected programs of life that decide our "normal".

We love movers and shakers who are interested in the best health possible but they are also interested in manifesting their highest self so they can be fulfilled in all the buckets of life.¬†¬†ūüĎČūüĎČ

We Don't Guess, We Test

Powered by DNA Testing, Functional Psychology, Human Behavior, & Quantum Energetics

This has been years in the making.¬† After a decade in Integrative Medicine [working with real-life families & visionaries], we have designed a data-driven way to create your limitless 2.0.¬† Our technique is powered by DNA testing, Human Behavior,¬† and Quantum Energetics.¬† We call this exclusive methodology,¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ.¬†We leverage this architecture to unlock the mind while simultaneously improving health, empowering purpose, and up leveling professional endeavors.


Let's Go.

Our Values That Drive Results


You Don't Know

What You Don't Know

Knowledge is the forerunner to our experiences. We can hit a point in time where we feel unsatisfied, drained, burnout, unhealthy, or just unsettled. The is our feedback that we may not have the knowledge [yet] to overcome this. This is also our calling to get take a deeper dive.  To leverage data that will gives us the opportunity to change everything.

It's Not About What You Do But How You Do It

Everything we do is valuable but it's crucial to know where to start and how you compound.  Using the most precise individualized data as a compass, we begin to resolve entropy and dysfunction causing health issues, emotional blocks and imbalances. Mastering your health and mind sets the foundation for up-leveling your human experience.

You Are An Integrated Being - from Organs to Life 

Conventionally, we look at the body as a bunch of separate systems.  We also act as if all parts of our life are not interconnected, from career to family to money.  We are an integration of body systems which is why conventional approaches to healthcare are failing.  Additionally, every part of life flows into each other.  When you are struggling with money, you can get sick.  When you are not happy at work that can affect family life. Let's leverage an approach that leverages uses this integration as superpower for success. 

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Ways to Work With Us¬†‚§Ķ

The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ¬†is¬†designed to create clarity around your 2.0 self, collapse the limits holding you back, calibrate your neurology to the 2.0, and create through aligned action. Integrative Medicine is at the center of this method.¬† It is combined with functional neurology, quantum energetics, human behavior, and functional psychology.

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Let's Go.¬†Start Here.¬†‚§Ķ

Concierge Medicine

For the ambitious visionary [and their family] that is in pursuit of their 2.0.¬† Our private concierge consulting starts with an in-depth evaluation of your physical health and mind. Leveraging¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ ¬†we will up level your mind and health, define your¬†purpose and focus on life dynamics like family, social life, business, and¬†wealth.

Private Consulting

Group Mastermind

Deeply transformational 4-month self-mastery mastermind leveraging¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ with a community of like-minded ambitious¬†leaders.¬† Each live session creates clarity through education,¬† collapses limiting beliefs through impactful workshops, calibration through hypnosis and mediation, creation of your 2.0 with tools and strategies.¬†

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Self-paced Course

The principles¬†of¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ is available as an interactive self-paced course.¬† With¬†over 100 hours of modules & masterclasses including our Values Determination Course, Limitless Mind Masterclasses,¬† Business Courses, Couple¬†& Family Alignment Meeting Structures¬†& Tools. Filled with content for winning in life, family, and business.

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