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Where Integrative Medicine, Human Behavior, and Real-Life Experience collide to guide your family towards holistic well-being, happiness, and alignment.

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What is Limitless Family?

A series of offerings designed to help your family achieve the core essential principles of a happy household; clarity, communication, collaboration, connection, and health.

We embark on having a family with essentially no training on how to raise a family, keep them healthy, or run a household! Essentially, we are all "winging it" which creates overwhelm. Imagine a future where your family’s health is naturally nurtured, and communication flows effortlessly. As you navigate this page you will find free tools, a foundational self-paced course, an interactive course membership and the option to work privately with Drs. Nick & Nicole. Regardless of where you choose to start on your journey, after Limitless Family, each member will be inspired to reach their full potential.


Is Limitless Family Right For You?

Is Limitless Family Right for Me?

No matter your role – be it a nurturing stay-at-home parent, a career-driven head of the household, a dynamic entrepreneurial clan, or looking to start a family – if you’re seeking time-tested remedies for enhancing health, refining parenting strategies, fortifying spousal bonds, optimizing household structure, and more, you’re in the right place.


Limitless Family will transform your household, guaranteed. Join us in the Limitless Family membership or embark on one of the various options on your getting started journey to transcend traditional approaches to family well-being. By integrating cutting-edge insights from Integrative Medicine, understanding the depths of Human Behavior, and drawing from real-life experiences, our members walk away with the tools to lead their Families toward a life without limits. 

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Is Every Meeting With Your Spouse to Put Out A Fire? 


Dr. Nicole Shares Her #1 Marriage Game Changer

This free workbook was the key to Dr. Nicole's communication in her marriage and she is sharing it with you for free!  In order to leverage good communication in your marriage, you need to understand what makes your spouse tick. You need to stop reactive meetings and be proactive so you can eliminate chaos in the household. Guess what happens next? Your kids transform because you become a force as the leaders of the home.


Download the Workbook

Who Teaches Limitless FAMILY?

The Dr. N Dynamic Duo, aka Dr. Nick Carruthers and Dr. Nicole Rivera. They are two motivated, driven integrative medicine doctors and entrepreneurs who have been working side by side for over 12 years with a mission to change the world. After having their son, everything changed. While cliche, it's true. They knew they had to radically disrupt their way of life to prioritize their growing family.  Starting a family was a catalyst for a huge business transition, a relocation, and a deep reflection on who they were, who they were becoming, and who they wanted to be.  Their son, "Q" inspired Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole to help families find what we discovered; more love, more fun, and more connection through utilizing their integrative approach to health, human behavior, habits, and personal experience. 

Limitless Family's Course on Hiring Help

The Art of Hiring Household Help 

Single Course in Limitless Family

Gain the knowledge and tools to hire childcare professionals, delegate effectively, and manage your household with confidence.

Whether you're a busy parent seeking reliable support or an aspiring house manager/nanny looking to excel in your role, this mini-course provides a step-by-step roadmap to creating a harmonious and efficient household environment. From downloadable & customizable tools to leveraging technology for your application process, you'll gain valuable insights and practical tools to ensure the well-being and development of your children while maintaining a smoothly running home. 

Immediate Access to The Art Of Hiring Help

Limitless Family Course Membership

Based on Integrative Medicine, Human Behavior,  Advice From The Greats and Personal Experience, Limitless Family’s endless course materials are  available online within your private, member-only portal, and include:


  • Over 100 hours of transformational, step-by-step video training Modules including continuously new courses added monthly. Examples include:
  • Crash Course on Health Symptom Awareness: Learn when to worry and when not to worry about health symptoms. Gain confidence in making informed decisions for your family’s well-being.
  • Natural Health Strategies: Discover tips and techniques to naturally support your family’s health, promoting wellness from the inside out.
  • Family Identity and Clarity: Gain insights into who your family is at its core, fostering alignment in parenting and reducing conflicts.
  • Defining Family Values: Uncover your family’s core values to confidently make choices that matter most, freeing you from unnecessary busyness.
  • Preparing for Parenthood: Navigate the journey of pregnancy and post-partum with comprehensive guidance and support.
  • Effective Communication Tools: Enhance family dynamics with proven communication strategies that reduce conflicts and eliminate the “good cop, bad cop” cycle.
  • Empowering Independent Kids: Equip your children with skills and mindset to become self-reliant, motivated, and empowered individuals.
  • Stress-Free Hiring: Master the art of hiring assistance, whether it’s a landscaper, babysitter, or any other form of help, with practical techniques to minimize stress.
  • Plus Digital and Printable workbooks to execute the exercises.
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Work With Us 1:1 

Concierge 1:1 Limitless Family

Integrative Medicine Healthcare  + Customized Human Behavior Coaching for the whole family. 

Ideal for families seeking a transformative experience that combines the best of medical and behavioral expertise. Whether you're dealing with health concerns, communication issues, or simply aiming to elevate your family's overall well-being, this exclusive private program is tailored to your family's specific needs.

Get Started

Let's Do The Thang

Make Family Life More Fun and Less Stressful

We are ready to guide you through a transformational experience that will redefine the way your family thrives. Join us in a self-paced course, our membership or work with us one-on-one.

The Art of Hiring Help for the Family

$98/ One-Time

A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring, Delegating, and Managing Household Support

  • Immediate ALL access to course content & downloadable materials:
  • Delegating with Finesse: Streamlining Household Duties to Balance Your Responsibilities and Maximizing Efficiency
  • Customizable Tailored Job Descriptions to outline the Roles and Responsibilities and Establish Expectations
  • House Manager and Nanny/Babysitter Manual
  • Leverage Technology to Set Up an Online Job Application Process
  • Competency Test to Evaluate Skills and Problem-Solving Abilities

All Access Self Paced Family Course

$98/ mo

Monthly membership to enhance your Family Life

  • Everything included in the Childcare course plus: Immediate ALL access to Limitless Family’s course content materials within your private, member-only portal
  • Over 100 hours of transformational, step-by-step video training Modules.
  • Plus all NEW content released on a monthly basis
  • Join Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole LIVE in the community.  Ask questions at any time for a quick response.  Join LIVE masterclasses where we cover topics requested by YOU, our members.
  • Get invited to exclusive Live events in the Charleston area and Private Virtual events.

1:1 Concierge Family Program with Dr. N Duo


Customized Coaching : intensive, innovative, results driven

  • Everything included in the Limitless Family Membership
  • Plus 1:1 Private Customized Coaching with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole
  • Integrative Medicine with DNA testing
  • Personalized blueprint for every member to developed for your family's highest healing potential
  • Hypnotherapy, energy medicine and cutting edge tools rooted in Functional Neurology
  • Personalized human behavior work
  • 24/7 Access to the Doctors in your own Private Chat 
  • Private Member Concierge


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If you have additional questions please feel free to text us at 📲 732-913-0009


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