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A customized journey back to yourself where your past becomes fuel for your amazing future. 

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What is Limitless Mind?

A series of offerings designed to leverage principles of quantum physics for a life filled with purpose and joy.

In our efforts to navigate the hardships of life, we end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, and stuck. It's easy to lose sight of our true selves amidst the constructs and programs that govern our lives. But it's time to reclaim your freedom and discover your personal power. As you navigate this page you will find a free masterclass, a foundational self-paced course, an interactive course membership and the option to work privately with Drs. Nick & Nicole. Regardless of where you choose to start on your journey, after Limitless Mind, life will start happening for you and no longer to you.


Is Limitless Mind Right For You?

Is Limitless Mind Right for Me?

This is for the growth-focused, solution seeker that wants to tap into their truth, their genius, and show up as their authentic self - and stop giving an F 


They are ready to leave behind their limiting beliefs, their guilt, their people-pleasing, their burnout, their "should of's", their depression, their fear, their PTSD, and even their anxiety.  They are ready to leave behind their fears of the past to create a bad-ass future. Oh, and have more fun.

Get Started With The First Step in Limitless Mind

21 Day Meditation +  Manifesting Mindset Masterclass


This free 21 day transformation connects and activates the power within you. A lack of power creates sickness, worry, stress, and the inability to grow and change. Instead of being reactive to life and fixing problems, Imagine being the active creator in your life experiencing the solutions you've always wanted! Are you ready to take the reins of your life? Here is your key to transforming stress into strength and awakening the creator within you.

Create Your Limitless Power

(Note: The term "FREE opt-in" implies that participants can access this program without any financial cost, while still providing their contact details or subscribing to the mailing list.)

"Every pain point that we experience is a teacher showing up in our life to help us increase our level of freedom to best serve ourselves.

If you have found yourself like the masses; burnt out, fatigued, sick, and in pain it is due to the simple fact of working against the principles and laws of nature which steals essential energy from you.

In Limitless Mind, we work with these principles and laws to harness our inner power leaving us fulfilled, thankful, energized, and healthy." - Dr. Nick



Limitless Mind's Self Discovery Course

Self Discovery Course

Values Determination: The Foundational Step in Limitless Mind 

Without clarity, we have nothing. 

98% of the our clients come to us with no idea what is important to them.  This creates a life of reactive decisions influenced by external sources ie. culture, family, friends, co-workers, mentors, society, and even government.  This leads to turmoil, chaos, and a feeling of unease.  As a society, we call this depression and anxiety.  Creating life [instead of reacting to it] is not as complicated as you may think but you need clarity into yourself. The foundation of every decision you make and action you take is determined by YOUR values. This self-paced course allows you to get more acquainted with YOU - your wants, your needs, your values.  

Take The Self Discovery Course

The Limitless Mind

Course Membership

Based on Human Behavior & Functional Neurology, Rooted in Quantum Physics and Energy Medicine

The Limitless Mind course membership is filled with materials immediately available online within your private, member-only portal, and include:

  • Over 100 hours of transformational, step-by-step video training Modules.
  • Digital and Printable workbooks to execute the exercises covered in the modules:
    • How does the mind dictate the body - symptoms, and disease included
    • How does our sub-conscious mind signal our genetic expression and biochemistry
    • How to determine what is most important to you - your highest values
    • How to navigate limiting beliefs that are holding you back
    • How to manifest a life you truly love
    • Debunking the foundational reasons for depression and anxiety
    • How to rewrite the programs that were taught to us by parents, teachers, culture, and more
    • How injections form society to keep us feeling trapped and overwhelmed
    • How to make decisions based on your values to create a life that you enjoy
    • The foundation of how the mind dictates the body and can cause disease 
    • Debunking the idea of "right and wrong" 
    • Navigating why we have judgments and resentments
    • How to reframe past painful events to help you create a better future
    • Understanding the laws of energy and how nothing is created nor destroyed - nothing is ever missing from our lives 
    • & so much more, new content is added monthly
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Who teaches Limitless MIND?

The Dr. N Dynamic Duo, aka Dr. Nick Carruthers and Dr. Nicole Rivera. They have been working side by side with people for over 12 years to help them regain their health. They found that most health symptoms started after an event that disrupted their life. In some cases, this was the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, a traumatic event, and everything in between. In other cases, some people hit a point where they just felt lost. They feel like they lived for the majority of their life for others and not for themselves.

As busy entrepreneurs, Nick and Nicole also hit a point in their lives where they felt lost and unfulfilled. They turned to their knowledge of human behavior from Dr. Demartini and their experience in meditation with Dr. Joe Dispenza and decided to change their lives. Now, they have helped thousands to do the same. They have even been featured in the Demartini Documentary for their profound and meaningful work.

Work With Us Privately in Limitless Mind

Private Coaching

The Freedom Program

This work is so meaningful to Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole.  They truly feel honored to be part of the journey to help people realize they are limitless and create a life they love.

Working with a Trusted Mentor, who has your back.

Our members are like family.  We work side-by-side with them.  We are relentless in helping them gain insights.  We support them through the good and the hard.  We see breakthroughs.  We see people become limitless.

The Mind Dictates the Body

We have seen people resolve chronic health conditions after collapsing old BS holding them back.  After gaining clarity on their values and life purpose.  We have seen people resolve depression and anxiety and never look back. 

Accomplish you Dreams

We have seen people find their purpose, create a vision & make huge leaps in life.  New careers, entrepreneurship, new friendships, romantic relationships, and everything in between.

Get Started In Limitless Mind

Let's Do The Thang

Join us in a self-paced course or work with us one-on-one 

Self Discovery Course

$98 one-time

1 month course

  • Get clarity on what you are here to do and experience
  • Get the confidence to create your plan
  • Reprogram your decision making, communication, relationships, and career.
  • Work through what's holding you back
  • Learn the root of your triggers and break the cycles of betrayal, loss, isolation, scarcity, pain and everything in between. 
  • Learn the tools to sustain your well being

Limitless Mind Membership

$98 monthly

Monthly Subscription

  • Includes Self Discovery Course + ALL of our Content on Functional Neurology, Human Behavior, Psychology, Integrative Medicine for the Mind, Quantum Medicine, and Meditation
  • All NEW content that is released on a monthly basis
  • Join Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole LIVE in the community.  Ask questions at any time for a quick response.  Join LIVE masterclasses where we cover topics requested by YOU, our members.

Private Freedom Program

$2298/ month

Quarterly Private Program

  • Everything included in Limitless Mind Membership
  • + 1:1 Private Customized Coaching with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole
  • Personalized plan developed for your highest healing potential
  • Hypnotherapy, energy medicine, NLP, Demartini Method, Vision Mapping, + cutting-edge tools rooted in Functional Neurology
  • 24/7 Access to the Doctors in your own Private Chat + Private Member Concierge


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If you have additional questions please feel free to text us at 📲 732-913-0009


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