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Where visionary families break the mold, leave their legacy and become limitless.

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What is The Limitless Community?

Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole's series of mind expanding tools that only their private clients have had access to, until now. 

Over 100 hours of Integrative Medicine and Human Behavior masterclasses built on 12 years of working with real life people with real life obstacles - from family, to money, to health, to mental well-being. This ongoing membership connects you to a community of growth-minded entrepreneurial families and real-life interactions with the doctors to clarify and implement the teachings. 

Is The Limitless Community Right For You?
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Is The Limitless Community Right for Me?

This is for the growth-focused, solution seeker that wants to tap into their truth, their genius, and show up as their authentic self. This is for the dynamic entrepreneurial family seeking time-tested remedies for enhancing health, refining parenting strategies, and fortifying spousal bonds.


This is for the disruptive pioneer ready to leave behind limiting beliefs,  burnout, chaos and fear to create a bad-ass future, leave a legacy they are proud of and have a lot more fun.



Our members walk away with the tools to lead their Families toward a life without limits. 

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Who We Are

Doctors. Innovators. Pioneers.

Parents. Disruptors. 

We are The Dr. N Dynamic Duo aka Dr. Nicole & Dr, Nick are accomplished doctors, founders of Integrative You, co-hosts of Integrative You Radio and parents to “Q”. As successful practicing doctors for over 12 years, entrepreneurs and parents, they felt like there was always a sacrifice for a gain. They set out to bust that myth and acquired the wisdom of many pioneers in health, entrepreneurship, human behavior, quantum physics, and meditation. They use their learned expertise and gained experience to level up entrepreneurial family leaders tobecome the creators of their health and life,  leave a legacy they are proud of and enjoy the ride. 

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What's Included in The Limitless Community?

Based on the work in our Integrative Medicine Private Concierge Practice; this membership combines Integrative Medicine, Functional Nuerology, Psychology, Human Behavior, Quantum Physics, Meditation, Business Operations, Personal Experience and 12 Years of Data Collected From What Worked With Our Clients.  

  • Immediate ALL access to over 100 hours of transformational masterclasses including continuously new material added monthly.
  • Join monthly LIVE masterclasses where we cover topics requested by YOU, our members.
  • Private member's only portal to ask questions at any time for a quick response. 
  • Invitation to exclusive Live Immersion events in the Charleston area and Private Virtual events.
Join Our Community of Leaders

Let's Do The Thang

Make Family Life More Fun and Less Stressful

We are ready to guide you through a transformational experience that will redefine the way your family thrives. Join us in a self-paced course, our membership or work with us one-on-one.

The Limitless Community

$98/ mo

Monthly membership to enhance your Family Life



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This free workbook was the key to Dr. Nicole's communication in her marriage and she is sharing it with you for free!  In order to leverage good communication in your marriage, you need to understand what makes your spouse tick. You need to stop reactive meetings and be proactive so you can eliminate chaos in the household. Guess what happens next? Your kids transform because you become a force as the leaders of the home.


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