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What is Limitless Healthpreneur?

A series of offerings designed to enhance your business + clinical outcomes. 

Limitless Healthpreneur's combination of clinical and business training is designed to turn your business into a force for good that fuels higher profits, higher purpose, and great clinical outcomes. As you navigate this page, you will find Limitless Healthpreneur is a journey including free guides, individual courses, our mastermind, 1:1 exclusive coaching, and even live events. Regardless of where you start on your journey, you will gain smart, effective strategies to support your mission in changing lives (oh, and you'll have more fun in the process.)


Is Limitless Healthprenuer Right For Me?

Who Teaches Limitless Healthpreneur?

Dr. Nicole is in the business of building disruptive entrepreneur powerhouses. After 12 years of serial entrepreneurship and growing one of the largest Integrative Medicine Practices on the East Coast, Dr. Nicole and her team are helping entrepreneurs redefine success and leave behind sacrifice.  She is also one hell of an integrative medicine doctor, having successfully transformed the lives of thousands with complex, mystery illnesses worldwide, Dr. Nicole is a leading expert in human health. Pulling it all together, she founded Integrative You, a fast-growing company with an integrative approach to profoundly disrupting a lasting change in health and freedom for personal, family, and business organizations. 

Dr. Nicole spent the first 5 years of her career only focused on getting better clinical outcomes.  She gobbled up tons of information from every reputable pioneer in functional medicine and achieved her goal of finding a system to get great clinical results.  But at the end of the day, she was exhausted, burnt out, and frustrated with how much of her life was sacrificed. 

"I know I am not alone in this.  Most of us have experienced burnout from running our practice. We have felt like we are giving our all and not always getting ahead.  We have lost time with the people we love and we feel resentful. 

I always had a hunch, that this is not how it should be.  So I set out to figure out how to do it better. And I did. Now I am sharing my process with you." - Dr. Nicole

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Most Downloaded Free Guide

Great people create great companies and great clinical outcomes.

Position an operation's powerhouse in your business to lead your team, regain your time, drive revenue, and realize better clinical outcomes. Download this free job description and hire one of your most valuable investments. Plus, start leveraging the custom scorecard to hold your leader accountable to the overall progress of the company.

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When it comes to a successful practice, It's about Habits, not hustle.

The Healthpreneur MASTERMIND is a Course Membership + Practitioner Community. Healthprenuers have access to an interactive self-paced course membership with continuously expanding clinical + business course material for healthcare leaders looking to disrupt their industry, change more lives and have fun doing it.  Your practitioner exclusive community and core course materials are immediately available online within your private, member-only portal, and include 

  • Over 100 hours of transformational, step-by-step video training Modules.
  • Digital and Printable workbooks to execute on the exercises covered in the modules. 
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  • Worksheets to practice and sharpen your new skills.
  • Customizable templates that allow you to bring the work to life i.e. interviewing, job descriptions, employee accountability scorecards, cash strategy worksheets, and more.
  • Access to our Clinical & Business Community where we host Live Q&A's, Member's Case Reviews, Hot Seats, and Monthly Live Expert Masterclasses.
  • A say on the topics of new modules released on a weekly basis based on developments and requests from. members 
  • The investment for our Healthpreneur Mastermind is a <no strings attached> monthly subscription.  As a member, the subscription is month to month, and you can bounce at any time.
  • VIP access to future live events in Charleston, SC
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Our members are here because they crave a true balance in health, family, business, and purpose.  Our ideal members have one thing in common; they want to create freedom in their lives and become limitless in their career. No matter where you are in your journey, whether you are an ambitious beginner, ready to level up and scale or feeling stuck and wanting to pivot, OUR MASTERMIND Members generally fall into one of these categories: Healthcare Disruptors, Innovators, and Connectors & Parents. Bottom line, if you’re not already the most disruptive healthcare powerhouse you can possibly be, then Limitless Healthpreneur will transform your clinical outcomes, your business, and your life, guaranteed. 



Join Us Quarterly in Charleston, SC

Healthprenuers who are members in our course membership + community gain VIP access to our 2 day live events. Fun, community, and growth lays the foundation of our 2 day intensive immersion. Bring your +1 and take a deep dive into both your clinical mastery and business habits. Participate in hot seats, member's case reviews and so much more.





Will You Be The Next Success Story?



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 "Working on my 3 years plan made everything so much easier.  I had the plan, got the team in place, and got to work.  We accomplished our 3 year plan in 1 year with so much clarity and focus."



 "I was 10 minutes into the content and I was so inspired.  I had digestible, real-life tools to start thinking about my business differently and taking action.  As a newer business owner, I was able to make sure all of my business decisions served my personal life.  I am so grateful for the clarity."



"Thank you for this course and all of the wellness information I have learned over the years.  I have been following you since 2017 and love your work.  Thank you for all you do and give."


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  • Access to over 50 hours of clinical + business course content  
  • One time mini educational courses designed to enhance your business accumen and clinical outcomes 
  • Free guides, Printable & Digital Workbooks and templates 

Healthprenuer Mastermind


3 day free trial

  • Everything included in the digital store: Over 100 Hours of ever expanding Integrative Medicine Clinical + Business Mastery
  • Plus access to the exclusive practitioner community w/ Monthly Lives + 24/7 Q&A
  • Affiliated software and product demos & discounts
  • Access to Quarterly Live Events in Charleston

Healthprenuer Business Coaching


3 month commitment

  • Healthprenuer Mastermind Membership Plus 1:1 Integrative Deep Dive Business Audit with Dr. Nicole
  • Monthly 1:1 meetings with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole
  • Your own Private chat  with 24/7 Access to the Doctors 
  • 1-Year Plan to Maximize Cash, Strategy, Execution, Leadership, and Marketing.
  • Monthly 1:1 meetings 


If you have additional questions please feel free to text us at 📲 732-913-0009


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