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Functional Neurology, Neurotransmitters, and the Endocrine System

Functional Neurology, Neurotransmitter Imbalances, and the Endocrine System.  It reveals the deep-rooted connections between the liver and hormones, the brain and insulin, and the effect of infections on endocrine health.  

In this course you'll gain advanced curriculum on:

  • The Root Cause of Autoimmune Brain Conditions
  • A Deep Dive into Neurological Infections such as Lyme Disease and Toxoplasma gondii
  • A Breakdown of Viral Brain Infections
  • The Role of Environmental Toxins, Heavy Metals, and Chemicals on the Brain
  • The Role of Testosterone and Estrogen on Neurodegeneration
  • A Deep Dive into Neurodegenerative Conditions
  • The Effects of Concussions, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Post-Concussion Syndrome
  • The Connection Between Neurological Conditions and Liver Health
  • An Expanded Look on Neurotransmitters, Insulin, and Brain Health
  • Blood Sugar Instability and its Effect on the Brain
  • The Connection Between the Brain, Sex Hormones, and Stress Hormones.
  • The Neurological Patterns Associated with Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety
  • The Drivers Behind the Epidemic of Poor Mental Health

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