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Integrative Approaches to Lyme Disease, Co-infections, Mold Toxicity, and Biotoxin Illness

Lyme Disease is an overlooked cause of mystery illness and individuals dealing with complex symptomatology.  There is nothing simple about healing from Lyme Disease and its potential co-infections.  There is often a psychosomatic association that will cause symptoms to persist despite treatment.  This course also dives into the complexities of Mold Toxicity and its associated symptoms.  We discuss Mold toxicity from the environment and from food. 

In this course you'll gain advanced curriculum on:

  • How antibiotics are not enough to recover from Lyme Disease
  • Potential Co-infections that can cause Neurological Lyme, Morgellons, Lyme Pericarditis, and More.
  • Discussing Neurological Lyme Symptoms and Protocols
  • Connection of Neurological Lyme to Autoimmune Brain Conditions The proper testing for Lyme Disease including advanced approaches like the RK Protocol
  • The Link to Lupus and Other Autoimmune Connective Tissue Disorders
  • The Link to Mold Toxicity & Chronic Inflammatory Conditions
  • Environmental Causes of Mold Toxicity and Water-Damaged Buildings
  • Foods that cause Mold Toxicity and its effect on the gut
  • Neurological; Affects of Mold associated with CCSVI [chronic cerebrospinal venous insuffiency]
  • Fungal invasion of the Cardiovascular system including the vessels of the Brain
  • The Psychosomatic Connection to Lyme Disease and Associated Symptoms
  • Healing tools for the mental and emotional stress of Chronic illness.
  • Integrative Protocols for Lyme Disease, Co-Infections, and Mold Toxicity.

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