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Family: The Art of Hiring Help for the Family

In this masterclass, you will learn the essential skills and strategies for successfully hiring childcare professionals, effectively delegating household tasks, and managing a seamless household with a dedicated house manager and nanny/babysitter. 

What you'll get:

  • Defining Your Needs: Assessing Your Household Requirements
  • Crafting Comprehensive Job Descriptions for Nanny/Babysitter and House Manager Roles
  • Sourcing and Screening: Finding Top-Tier Talent
  • Effective Interview Techniques: Uncovering the Right Fit
  • House Manager and Nanny/Babysitter Manual

Crafted for parental alignment, enhanced well-being, and family cohesion, our Limitless Family Course curbs chaos. It delves into crucial health facets and integrative family well-being methods. Get access to our Limitless Family Course here.

What People Are Saying:

After you see this, you realize that you expected people to read your mind. Getting clear on what we needed from different people and getting it on paper has been huge.


This manual has been a game changer for our house. Our nanny stepped up to the plate when we gave her the new job description and has made our lives so much easier.


WOW, this is gold. I was always so frustrated with every babysitter and who knew it was because I wasn't clear on what we needed as a family.