Celebrate the Solar Eclipse with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole


April 8Th 9am est 

In light of this rare event —  the shadow of the moon will plunge a narrow strip of land into darkness in the middle of the day — this astronomical experience is seen as a doorway to significant life changes, offering a potent opportunity to reset, rethink, and start afresh. Take advantage by learning manifesting techniques and principles in our free LIVE 1-hour event for families in pursuit of their 2.0 life.


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Guided Meditation Hypnosis 

Dr. Nick's highly esteemed meditations are not to be missed & and this one will be life changing

Values Discovery Workshop

Learning your core values is the  foundation in aligning to your purpose and mapping your 2.0

Transformational Material 

Attendees with keep Dr. Nick's guided meditation and values worksheet to share with their family