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From Your Organs To Your Life, You are an Integrative Being

The healthcare system is failing. There is a significant lack of  integrative thinking, strategy, collaboration and innovation.

Conventionally, we look at the body as a bunch of separate systems. For example, if you have depression, you see a psychiatrist; but 90% of serotonin is made in the gut! Additionally, we may not recognize how interconnected every part of our lives are, from health to careers to relationships to money.  For instance, you might not consider a lack of joy in parenting could be caused by a hidden parasite. The list goes on and no one is connecting the dots. Each one of us is an integration of mind, body, and energy, which means to tap into one’s full potential in life, your healthcare should reflect the depths and complexities of an individual's unique integrated being and leverage the interconnection as a superpower to enhance your entire mind + body + life. 


The Doctor Duo

Helping you do life better

We are Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole. From the very beginning, we have harbored an insatiable curiosity about the boundless potential of humanity. After 14 years as integrative medicine doctors,¬†entrepreneurship and starting a family, we hit a point where¬†life seemed out of balance.¬†Despite having¬†amazing health - we were struggling in other areas of life. We realized.. our patients were too.¬†we knew we could do more to¬†help¬†our family and our clients achieve¬†BOTH better health, but also more joy, purpose and balance in every area of life.¬†¬†We learned techniques in Quantum Psychology, Human Behavior, Functional Neurology, Quantum Energy, Meditation, and Manifestation.¬†This is when we developed "Integrative Medicine on steroids ūüėČ" or the Integrative Medicine methodology we named - The Higher-Self Architecture (HSA).¬†Read more about how the HSA has lead us on a¬†transformative journey to Italy where we now are living our 2.0 lives.¬†

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We aren't Just any ol' Integrative Medicine Practice

Our concierge membership has become the leading global integrative healthcare for powerhouse families and here's whyūüĎá


The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ

Designed to establish more than better mind + body health, we believe in leveraging better health to transform every important area of you and your family's life. 

We aren't just an integrative medicine practice. We use functional neurology, quantum energetics, human behavior, and functional psychology to help you create clarity around your purpose and values, collapse the limiting beliefs holding you back, calibrate your executive functioning, calm your nervous system and develop emotional resilience. Learn more about our unique tools that sets our integrative concierge practice apart. 


Our Process That Drives Results

Concierge Medicine

Our concierge¬†medicine membership leverages¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ¬† to awaken your mental superpower, biohack your physical body, train your emotional resilience, define your¬†purpose and¬†integrate your¬†life dynamics like family, career and wealth.¬†


We Don't Guess, We Test

Data drives every decision - poor treatment outcomes are based on a lack of data and the inability to find the root cause. Our diagnostic process is powered by DNA testing, Quantum Psychology Testing, Quantum Integrative Response Testing, and an Individualized, Comprehensive Blood/Urine Analysis.


We are Data-Driven 

It is not about what you do but how you do it. It‚Äôs not that certain things either work or don‚Äôt work, It is about customization, ‚ÄúIs it right for you?‚ÄĚ and has it been done at the right time and in the right combination? Driven by your unique data, we strategically develop your¬†Higher-Self Architecture¬†Program.


We are with you

Quality care takes time, thoughtfulness, & strategizing.  We spend the time you need in session & outside of session, allowing for thorough in-depth discussions & connecting the dots about your health. The extended time fosters a comprehensive understanding of your needs and enhances the quality of your care.

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Our Outcomes

60-80% improvement in Mind + Body health + life within 3 months of working together. 

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60 Free Health Webinars

Join Dr. Nicole as she discusses an array of health conditions to reveal the root causes, proper testing, the myths and the strategies to help you get the clarity you deserve. 

More Ways to Work With Us

Our Wellness Retreat, Group Mastermind & Self-Paced Course are all designed for the movers and shakers of the world who are deeply invested in seeking the best health for themselves and their families.

Self-paced Digital Course

The principles¬†of¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ are available as an interactive self-paced course.¬† With¬†over 100 hours of modules & masterclasses including our Values Determination Course, Limitless Mind Masterclasses,¬† Business Courses, Couple¬†& Family Alignment Meeting Structures¬†& Tools. Filled with content for winning in life, family, and business.

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Reset Experience in Italy¬†ūüáģūüáĻ

For the travel lover and ambitious visionary in pursuit of their 2.0 life.¬† Our¬†Italy Retreat is a condensed version of our group Mastermind in person weaved into the most amazing cultural, bucket-list experience.¬† Leveraging¬†The Higher-Self Architecture‚ĄĘ ¬†we will up level your mind and health, define your¬†purpose and focus on life dynamics like family, social life, business, and¬†wealth.

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