Helping each other help more humans.

As you know, we are relentlessly passionate about up-leveling the human experience and evolving health care. But this mission DOES NOT start - and CANNOT stop - with us.

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Why We Partner.

True impact and transformative change is achieved when like-minded individuals and organizations come together. 


We understand the importance of aligning our values and missions when it comes to partnerships because true impact and transformative change can be achieved when like-minded individuals and organizations come together. Our exclusive partnerships are reserved for those who share our commitment to making a positive impact in the world. We seek to collaborate with individuals and organizations that are actively involved in evolving healthcare or up-leveling the human experience. Together, we can create a powerful synergy that moves mountains and brings about significant change. 

We are Giving Back in Gratitude

We are so grateful for the loyal referrers that have trusted us with their friends, family, and customers' health and well-being.  We are over the moon to have a system to show our gratitude through our partnership program.

We Believe in the Power of Collaboration.

When we commit to partnering with you, it means that we wholeheartedly support you and the work you are doing.


We stand by your vision, values, and mission. We recognize the importance of our mutually beneficial collaboration and the unique strengths each party contributes to drive positive change in the lives of many. We want your clients to be able to better leverage your work or product by using ours.


What is in it for You?

We are always looking to grow our ecosystem of biohackers, wellness advocates, healthcare providers, healthtech optimizers, and human beings – all helping to spread the word about becoming limitless. 

New Partners 

  • $100 discount code for all Integrative You Courses for your community
  • $100 commission per referral
  • 1-month All access to your choice of any full course membership + Community 
  • Podcast/Webinar or IG Live Hosting Exchange

Established Partners

  • $100 unique discount code + $150 commission
  • Annual unlimited access to full course memberships
  • Access to all live events
  • Additional mutual partnership opportunities: 
    • Podcast sponsorship opportunities 
    • Opportunity for a mini-course on your product in the membership
    • Marketing Opportunities for your product
    • Video Testimonials of your product or service live on each other’s website 
    • Collaboration on free or paid digital products
    • IG Live hot seats
    • And whatever else our disruptive, innovative minds can conjure up!


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When do you get commission?

We manually track & reconcile every transaction and administer an E check at the end of every single month

How to Get Started 

If our missions align and our commitment to making a positive impact resonates with you, we look forward to exploring the endless possibilities of collaborating and develop a mutually positive partnership that uplifts lives and drives meaningful change in the world.


Thank you for applying. You will receive a follow up email shortly. Please allow a 48 hours response time as we review your application.