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Limitless Healthpreneur: Getting Out of the Trenches Business Crash Course

Business growth can get messy without proper systems, operations, and A-Playing employees.  Many of us, healthpreneurs, are figuring it out as we go.  One minute things are running smooth and the next minute you have so many fires to put out, that you feel like your head is spinning.  When business feels hard and you feel like you are a Chief Problem Solver it can seem impossible to get back on track.  So we birthed this crash course that gives you a simple framework to get out of the trenches so you can breathe again.  The intention of this course is to get your time and energy back so you start to address the root cause of your business issues.  This course is simple, it is applicable, and it is implementable.

This is a proven framework that we have used time and time again to help business owners who think they are unhelpable. 

What you'll get:

  • Video series breaking down the framework
  • Workshop to complete the framework of your business
  • Implementable plan to get your business out of the trenches so you can regain time and energy
  • Find the root causes of the foundational issues and hit the ground running.

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