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STEP 2: Our Strategy



  • Efficient:¬†We help you get better in the shortest amount of time with the least roadblocks
  • Growth:¬†The ability to grow yourself by shifting your past into fuel for the future.
  • Trust:¬†Create a transparent and trusted relationship with your team



  • We Dig:¬†We always find the root cause
  • Relentless Support:¬†We have your back and do what is needed to facilitate results
  • Results:¬†We have a whole bag of tricks so we never plateau and we yield the results you are looking for


You Deserve a Great Mentor.

Due to the highly curated and personalized approach to our member's innermost needs, we accept a limited amount of members in the 1:1 Freedom Program


$2,298 per month

Programs Run Quarterly

  • Everything included in the Limitless¬†Mind¬†Membership + Values Determination course. Scroll down to learn more about each!
  • Plus 1:1 Private Customized Coaching with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole
  • Hypnotherapy, energy medicine, and¬†cutting edge tools rooted in¬†Functional Neurology
  • 24/7 Access to the Doctors in your own Private Chat¬†
  • Private Member Concierge
  • This is where you truly¬†Become limitless
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1 Month Course: Determine Your Highest Values

  • Get¬†clarity on what¬†you are here to do and experience
  • Get the confidence to create your plan
  • Reprogram your decision-making, communication, relationships, and career.
  • Work through what's holding you back
  • Learn the root of your triggers and break the cycles of¬†betrayal, loss, isolation, scarcity, pain, and everything in between.¬†
  • Learn the tools to¬†sustain your well being
  • Start leading life on¬†your terms¬†
  • Find more joy and Have more fun


Wellness Subscription: Designed By You, For You

  • Our Membership Gives ALL of our Content on Functional Neurology, Human Behavior, Psychology, Integrative Medicine for the Mind, Quantum Medicine, and Meditation
  • This includes all NEW content that is released on a monthly basis
  • Join Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole LIVE in the community.¬† Ask questions at any time for a quick response.¬† Join LIVE masterclasses where we cover topics requested by YOU, our members.
  • Get invited to exclusive Live events in the Charleston area and Private Virtual events.

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