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Step 1 Comprehensive Lab Testing


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Step 1
Comprehensive Lab Testing

An investigative deep dive into your health history, lifestyle, your goals [personal and professional], and your emotional health. Our in-depth diagnostic process: we leverage DNA testing, human behavior analysis, comprehensive blood work, other specialty labs, and integrative response testing [we explain what this is in our video]. Great thing is, we do this all from a distance. We leverage virtual consults, send you for blood at your in-network lab, and we also perform all of our custom tests using the DNA from you hair sample.


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Due to the highly curated and personalized approach to our member's inner most needs, we accept a limited amount of members in Limitless Health. To get started with our process, simply use the button below to solidify your spot. The deposit is 100% refundable in the event that our practice is full or we mutually agree that Limitless Health is not a fit for you at this time. Busy and have a simple question?  Text us at 732.913.0009

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