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Revolutionizing Holistic Healing with Remote Muscle Testing

chronic illness dna testing integrative medicine integrative medicine doctor integrative response testing quantum physics Jul 08, 2024

The Journey Begins: Traditional Chiropractic Training

Dr. Nick Carruthers began his journey with traditional chiropractic training, which includes palpation—feeling the joints and tissues to diagnose issues. However, Dr. Nick quickly realized that there was more to healing than just the physical aspects. He discovered that beyond physical sensation, he could sense the energy of objects, which laid the foundation for his energy work.

Concept of Two-Pointing: Balancing Energies

During his exploration of energy work, Dr. Nick learned from an energy practitioner about the concept of two-pointing. This technique involves connecting two energetic points, one positive and one negative, to balance the body's energy. This approach of balance is foundational in the Demartini method, a technique he uses to balance the mind by connecting greater and lesser perceptions and energies.

Muscle Testing: Understanding the Body's Response

Dr. Nick employs muscle testing to assess the body's response to different stimuli. Muscle testing reflects the nervous system's state and can indicate stress or balance. His method involves testing various energetic layers of the body, based on principles from Barbara Brennan’s energy system. This allows him to gain a comprehensive understanding of the body's energetic state.

Synthetic Quartz Crystal Plates: Precision in Energy Testing

Inspired by Dr. Klinghart, Dr. Nick uses synthetic quartz crystal plates for more accurate energy testing. These plates magnify energy and eliminate impurities, allowing for precise testing of supplements and other substances. This innovation has significantly improved the accuracy of his energy assessments.

Remote Muscle Testing: DNA as a Conduit

One of Dr. Nick's most groundbreaking techniques is remote muscle testing. He uses hair or other DNA samples placed on synthetic quartz crystal plates to perform this testing. The DNA carries the person's energetic information, allowing him to assess their energetic state without their physical presence. This technique has opened new possibilities for remote healing and assessments.

From Intermediaries to Holographic Energy Healing

Initially, Dr. Nick used an intermediate (another person) to complete the energetic circuit for remote testing. However, he eventually developed a method using holographic energy healing. By creating a hologram or sphere of energy representing the individual, he could perform "muscle testing" based on their name and birth date, connecting to their unique energetic signature. This advancement has made his testing method even more powerful and individualized.

Intention Testing: The Power of Thought

Dr. Nick incorporates principles from quantum physics, particularly the idea that intention and thought can influence energy fields. He transitioned to “intention testing,” where he connects to the individual’s energy through focused intention, bypassing the need for physical intermediaries or holograms. This method highlights the power of the mind and its ability to influence the body's energetic state.

Integrative Approach: Combining Traditional and Modern Techniques

Dr. Nick’s approach integrates traditional chiropractic methods, energy work, and advanced quantum concepts to create a comprehensive energetic testing system. This system addresses the biochemical, neurological, and energetic aspects of health, offering a holistic approach to healing and well-being. Through his innovative techniques, Dr. Nick Carruthers is changing lives and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of integrative health.

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