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How dental and sinus issues affect the brain, thyroid, parathyroid, and breasts.

Season #1 Episode #190

Since your tonsils are your lymphatic organs and your veins are in charge of dumping toxins into your neck's lymphatic system as part of your brain's detoxification process, having your tonsils removed results in inflammation caused by the toxins. In this episode, Dr. Nicole will discuss ways to address the underlying causes, go in-depth to avoid wasting time, and share her experience with a recent emotional detox.

Fun Fact: Sometimes your neck issues are related to your spine or lymphatic irritation. 

We also have sinuses in our faces and brains, which are a part of the venous system that aids in the detoxification of our brains. Through deodorants, dental work, etc., people are directly getting exposed to harmful toxins. You do have a blood-brain barrier, but a number of things can, regrettably, interfere with it. We'll be delving further into the topic of how dental problems and sinuses affect our thyroid, parathyroid, and breast health on this week's episode of Integrative Wellness Radio.

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What you’ll learn:

  • Why we have sinuses in our brain and how they help to detoxify our brain. 
  • Why does our brain need to detoxify?
  • Despite having a blood-brain barrier, how do toxins enter our brains? 
  • How can removing your tonsils create inflammation in your neck
  • How does our blood-brain barrier get disrupted
  • How having dental problems might cause toxins to enter our brains?


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