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Our worst detox after 7 Days with Dispenza

Season #1

New name, new content with the same kickass hosts. Welcome to Integrative You Radio, where we keep it real, raw, and disruptive. Get ready for out-of-the-box insights and transformative tools on how to up-level your health with hot topics and achieve your dreams and prioritize your family Healthprenuers, join us as we sprinkle in business insights in evolving healthcare. In this episode, Dr. Nicole joined along with her husband and cohost Dr. Nick to discuss their personal experiences with meditation and its transformative effects on their lives. They delve into the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and how he bridges the understanding of energy with neuroscience. The hosts emphasize the importance of mental health, motivation, inspiration, and trauma in relation to overall well-being. Through their own journeys, they explore the concept of gaining clarity and releasing old patterns through meditation.

What you’ll learn:

Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole's personal experiences with meditation and the impact it had on their lives. The connection between mental health, the mind, and the onset of symptoms. The transformative power of meditation in gaining clarity and releasing old patterns. Understanding the energy-mind-body connection and its influence on overall well-being. 

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“A lot of us as integrative practitioners... can't help but ignore the fact that mental health, the mind, motivation, inspiration, trauma plays such a significant role in the onset of symptoms”. - Dr. Nick “If you are health curious and growth-focused, you are in the right place”. - Dr Nicole