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Our biggest lessons on running a household after Baby Q

Season #1

Welcome back to another insightful episode of Integrative You Radio. In this episode, the hosts delve into a compelling topic - how chaos within a household can detrimentally impact one's health. They emphasize the significance of creating structure, better communication, and increased accountability to reduce stress and promote overall well-being. Drawing from their expertise in creating successful businesses, the hosts discuss the striking similarities between running a household and managing a company. They stress the importance of trust and transparency in building solid relationships, not just between parents but also with children. Demonstrating accountability is crucial for teaching children responsibility and teamwork, helping them become active team players in achieving family goals. By establishing clear values and objectives for the family, everyone works together, fostering harmony and growth in the household. Tune in to the full episode to learn more!

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What you’ll learn:

The hosts, who are parents, share their experiences in seeking childcare and the importance of aligning family values with potential caregivers. Running a prosperous household is compared to running a successful business, with trust and transparency being essential foundations. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and underperformance, making clear expectations crucial. Goals are important for families too, and setting them collectively helps create cohesion and a shared sense of purpose. The Power couple in this episode provides a free meeting structure for couples to help align values and communicate effectively before implementing it as a family Interested in working with Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole at Integrative You? Text 732.913.0009 to book a complimentary consult call OR learn more here: https://bit.ly/IWGCoaching Our mission to innovate humans & Healthcare does NOT start and stop with us! This is why we are dedicated to helping other practitioners uplevel their clinical + business excellence and change lives. Join Limitless Healthprenuer to start boldly disrupting this industry together. https://bit.ly/Limitlesshealthprenuer Quotes: “Stress is at the foundation of pretty much every health ailment.” - Dr. Nick “There's a whole other layer to life that is creating negative effects on the nervous system.” - Dr Nicole