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Top 2 Questions to Stop Chaos in the Home [and get time back]

Season #1

We’re back with another episode of Integrative You Radio! In this engaging discussion, the power couple, Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick delve into the challenges faced by modern families in the ever-demanding world of parenting. In this episode of Integrative You Radio, the duo passionately discuss the challenges of modern parenting and the importance of aligning family choices with core values. They reflect on their own journey as early parents, realizing the need to prioritize connection, quality time, and laughter in their family. The hosts share how their experience in running a business has translated into valuable parenting skills, emphasizing the significance of discipline, clear communication, and teamwork in family dynamics. Encouraging listeners to identify their family's initial vision and purpose, they stress the importance of being deliberate in making choices that serve the well-being of both parents and children. Join them on this insightful journey to rediscover the essence of family and embrace a life that aligns with your unique vision.

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What you’ll learn:

Rediscovering the essence of family and aligning choices with the initial vision. Drawing parallels between running a business and effective parenting skills. Emphasizing discipline, communication, and teamwork in family dynamics. Breaking free from societal expectations and creating a joyful, fulfilling family life. Quotes: “Start thinking about all of the things that are filling the family's time that you're not excited about. That might help you reverse engineer back to what the vision was.” - Dr. Nick “Being a burnt-out non-present parent that is showing their burnout on their sleeve is not a great family dynamic at all.” - Dr. Nicole