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How putting your kids 1st is hurting you

Season #1

Welcome back to another episode of Integrated You Radio! In this solo episode, Dr. Nicole delves into the thought-provoking topic of prioritizing yourself over constantly putting your children's needs first. Drawing inspiration from the in-flight safety reminder to put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others, Dr. explores the idea of self-care and the implications of continuous sacrifice. She reflects on how societal programming often encourages parents to prioritize everyone else, leading to burnout, anxiety, and lost opportunities for genuine family connections. Dr. Nicole discusses the phases of life, from early parenting to adulthood, and how the habit of always putting others before oneself can impact mental well-being, family dynamics, and even the health of the next generation. Tune in to gain insights into creating a healthier balance between caring for yourself and caring for your loved ones.

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What you’ll learn:

In-Flight Analogy: The episode opens with the analogy of putting on your own oxygen mask before assisting others, highlighting the importance of self-care and how it mirrors the concept of prioritizing oneself in daily life. Societal Programming: Roland addresses societal norms that encourage sacrificing personal needs for the sake of others, leading to burnout, anxiety, and missed opportunities for meaningful family interactions. Impact on Family Dynamics: The discussion covers various life phases, illustrating how constant self-sacrifice can lead to exhaustion, lack of presence, and missed bonding moments with children during their formative years. Quotes: “We've normalized that you're going to run around with your head cut off and having a child is going to be extremely daunting and stressful. But, of course, you know, there's all of the beautiful components of it because of the unconditional love between you and your child” - Dr. Nicole