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How to know if you are addicted to your stress hormones

Season #1

Welcome to Integrated You Radio, hosted by Dr. Nick Carruthers and Dr. Nicole Rivera. Prepare to become limitless as we delve into disruptive discussions on integrative medicine, mental health, and human behavior. In this episode of Integrated You Radio, Dr. Nicole Rivera goes solo to tackle a topic she's personally experienced: being addicted to stress hormones. She reflects on a pivotal moment when someone mentioned her potential addiction to stress hormones, leading her to explore meditation as a path to clarity. Dr. Nicole discusses how societal norms, hustle culture, and sacrificing oneself for others contribute to chronic stress. The episode underscores the diverse strategies available, from biochemistry optimization to behavioral shifts, in overcoming stress addiction and regaining control of one's health and mindset.

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What you’ll learn:

Stress Addiction: Dr. Rivera's personal journey highlights society's stress addiction, fueled by hustle culture and self-neglect. Chronic Stress Impact: Enduring stress triggers fight-or-flight mode, affecting mental health, sleep, and overall wellness. Breaking the Cycle: Strategies range from balancing biochemistry and brain waves to reframing beliefs for lasting change. Customized Solutions: Tailored approaches include meditation, biochemistry optimization, and mindset shifts for holistic healing. Quotes: “The addiction to the stress hormones is partly because things that fire together, wire together." - Dr. Nicole "Being addicted to your stress hormones is the feedback mechanism to say, hey, I gotta break this cycle." - Dr. Nicole