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Going deep on the state of the world and how to stay positive

Season #1

In this energetic episode of the Integrative You Radio hosts Doctor Nick and Dr. Nicole embark on a captivating exploration of various topics. They begin by highlighting the idea that, even in the face of life's challenges, there is a balance between positivity and negativity, firmly rooted in the laws of physics. The hosts emphasize the importance of redirecting our attention away from a constant stream of negativity, especially in today's world saturated with fear-inducing content.

Tune in to Integrative You Radio for an engaging dialogue on the art of balancing perspectives, leveraging technology for positive change, and regaining personal agency in a world awash with information that can easily overwhelm even the most resilient individuals.

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What you’ll learn:    

  1. Balance in life: Embrace the concept that positivity and negativity coexist in every situation.
  2. Harness technology: Use advanced tech mindfully to solve problems and free up time for meaningful pursuits.
  3. Seek balanced awareness: Challenge information, avoid fear-inducing content, and cultivate a holistic perspective to reduce anxiety in our information-rich world.


“Every single solution, every single remedy is actually inside the problem" - Dr. Nicole

"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.- Dr. Nick


Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Integrative You Radio.

Yep. It's gonna be a fun one.

I'm here with Doctor. Nick today. We're gonna get wild.

Oh, we're gonna get real wild. Alright.

We're kicking this off with talking about some crazy shit that's going on in the world.

So buckle up buttercup. But the main thing that we want to

preface with is The idea that everything is bad,

and there is no good.

What? Make a little bit.

Why? Am I blowing up your eardrums? Yeah.

So we have worked with Doctor Martini for many years now,

and we've actually had the luxury of being part of his documentary,

which should be out. Somewhat soon.

Keep people guys posted. But one of the biggest things that I learned right

off the bat was that energy is always in balance.

And that there is no positive,

or there's no negatives without a positive.

And this was kinda hard to wrap my head especially

when we have specific scenarios where you're like,

I can't believe this happened to me, especially extremes that major emotional adversity from,

you know, breakups to divorces, to loss of friends,

loss of family members, loss of a pet,

It's like how could there ever be any positive associated?

And in his work, he has shown over

and over again that this principal applies to everything all of the time.

And it is not his opinion, our opinion.

This is actually based on the laws of physics.

And so Doctor. Nick is always really good at me bringing me back down because of course,

everyone's human and still to this day, I will get fired up about certain things.

And he always shifts my perception so that I can see the bigger picture.

That's all I do every single day with every client.

Literally. It's I've got a little experience.

And, I can't tell you how tremendously helpful it is.

Because it it helps you to move past what you're giving a lot of energy or you're judging,

resenting, getting angry about guilt, or shaming yourself about.

And other instances, it all it just decreases the magnitude.

So I might still walk away being like,

no, I still think that sucks.

But the magnitude of how intense I felt about it is decreased

when I'm able to acknowledge that there is prose to the cause.

Yeah. And it's it's honestly not about lying to yourself a situation was shitty and sucked.

Like, that's that's honestly equally true.

But if that's where the focus goes, energy flows,

where focus goes, if we can put our attention on the also what is occurring,

the positive because if there's a negative charge, there's an equal and opposite reaction,

a negative or a positive charge.

So if we can grow our awareness and see that there was equally amount of pleasure as there was pain.

Well, then all that focus isn't going to just the and understanding,

you know, I don't like saying the law of attraction, because it's used bastardized really wrong.

But when we can actually shift our focus just from the negative,

well, we're not gonna be attracting that negative into us.

And what sets us free is getting that mind back into a state of balance,

back into that state of equanimity.

And that allows us to not be influenced by a misperception.

Because anytime that we see that there's more good or more bad,

we're missing a piece of that picture,

and we can't make the best decision because we don't have full awareness.

So, really, life is about, you know,

being able to increase our awareness so that we can have all the data,

all the information to be able to make a balanced decision

so we can actually take action that's going to best serve ourselves.

And our intention for this is to decrease anxiety,

to decrease that worry and fear

because we have been propagated a lot of fear over the past few years,

and you know, I personally am on TikTok.

I'm on social media, and you could easily get extremely,

extremely overwhelmed. And live in a state of fear

and anxiety if you are not able to take see information and see the good and the bad in it.

And that's kind of some of the things we wanna talk about today is There's a lot nowadays.

I feel like more than ever, and I'm sure part of it is the algorithm of what I watch is,

you know, there we're talking about flaws in the government.

People are talking about how our food is poisoning us.

And I, obviously, I know we've been talking about things like that.

You know, there there's issues with toxicity of land.

There's issues with the farming industry.

You know, pharma controls everything. A lot of what we're hearing is only the downsides,

and we always have to make sure that we're understanding the upsides to

some of these things that are happening in the world.

Because if you're only looking at the downsides,

you are going to live in a very low vibration of a state of fear,

anxiety, worry, and all of the other emotions in between.

So before we get really started diving into some of these specific fears that are out there,

I wanted to just shine some light on the state of the world and why we are where we are.

Not getting too deep into it, but you've probably heard me talk about awareness.

Awareness is just a level of consciousness.

And Nicole brought up a word that triggered me to want us to about this is that,

you know, she sees what she sees based on an algorithm.

And when we think about that,

that algorithm is from either social media,

there's an algorithm that's showing her, specific things,

and it's not showing her other things, which is interesting

when we about that because that algorithm is controlled by about four families,

roughly. There's about four families that control all of the news media outlets,

everything that the information that's coming into us,

and that's controlled by an algorithm.

So we're not seeing the full picture.

So that allows us to be Holy shit.

I've got a polarized view because I haven't been shown the full information.

Mhmm. So we need to take everything that we see today,

honestly, as a half-truth and we need to challenge everything.

Challenge what I'm saying right now. Go through. Do your own research.

Think about it. Question it. Come up with your own unique ideas.

And when doing so, you're gonna grow that awareness.

You're gonna grow the reflective awareness of how it's controlling you,

how it's affecting you, and how you can therefore use it to serve yourself.

So when we understand fear today, first of all,

fear stands for false appear in real.

It ain't real. It's false evidence because you don't have the full evidence.

That's why it's false. And,

you know, let's talk. You brought up poison of food.

I wanna actually just give a very simple plugin right here.

So what you're talking about is we just recently had a hurricane here in South Carolina.

We had multiple I don't know about you, but I had multiple people reaching out to me you guys okay.

I hear that Charleston is completely underwater,

and this is again what was being peddled in the media.

And I'm I take a picture. I'm like,

sun is out. We're good.

There was rain. There's parts of Charleston that fled with the full moon.

No. But they were Right. It was showcasing that there was massive damage and and whatnot.

And then the same thing is they were saying about Florida,

and we have quite a few clients in Florida.

Same thing. I was like, how are you doing?

And she sent me a picture of sun is out.

We're good. And I obviously understand that Florida is very large,

and I'm sure there's other areas that had more damage,

but  it's just the compounding effect,

I feel like over the past few years of this similar things happening of pure devastation,

everything's falling apart, and then,

you know, you hear from real-life people,

and they're like, no, it's not really how it went down.

Oh, and that's, you know, based on algorithm,

based on people watching all these different things,

is that, and this is some unfortunate state is that everything gives you

that high polarized magnitude to grasp your attention

because quote unquote,

it's kinda boring in the middle. You know? It's like,

oh, there's no reaction. I'm safe.

It's like everything is just an exchange of energy.

And Both people in fear can be controlled more easily.

A hundred percent. So let's jump into some things that are causing fear around the world

and being able to see the the benefits of that.

So one of the things that we're looking at is food

and food, not I wanna hear this because I still am fucking sick and tired of being poisoned.

This is for me too, guys. It's a journey.

We're Jumping back to the consciousness and the collective consciousnesses,

we are way where where we are today in society based on the collective consciousness.

So And, AK, what we've allowed?

Well, yeah. What we've allowed, the programming,

the belief systems. And we went through this belief system that we wanted everything fast and easy,

and it was gonna give us more time.

But when we understand that if we have quote-unquote more time to do something,

but we don't have the energy to actually enjoy that time,

well, then we're still a slave. And when it comes stole that time with bullshit.

When it comes to the food and the nutrients in the lives it gives us,

a, You know, if there's this huge transfer,

of growing meat in a lab,

and that's like one polarized aspect of it,

and then there's just the actual part of all the industrial

farming that's happening with herbicides,

the pesticides, the glyphosate that's actually inside the food,

not just being sprayed on the food, which glyphosate has so me different issues.

One of the issues you might not be known is that glyphosate will actually break down your collagen.

So if you have joint issues and you have arthritis.

You constantly have hernias, strains brains,

you're throwing your back out, bulging discs.

It's not just a physical stress.

It's because the food that you are consuming is actually

breaking down the building blocks of your joints.

And it makes you look old as shit. And then you put Botox in,

which is another carcinogen. We won't get on that story right now.

So, oh my god. This is we just went down this pathway and you know,

you're doomed. But what's another big thing that's happening to the world,

to farmlands, to all this stuff, is that we have fires.

We have hurricanes. And,

you know, if you haven't heard about this, that's true.

The science, you know, just do your own research.

But we have what's called geoengineering, genetically modified engineering of the weather,

and the happens through a bunch of different ways.

They spray what's known as chemtrails, which is just chemicals that change the atmosphere

because when we think about everything is just a balance of energy,

positive negative charge.

So if face spray nanoparticles that have some heavy metals in there and some other chemicals,

that's gonna a change in charge,

which is going to create a change and not only when direction,

but also a change in water,

condensity, condensity if that's a word.

Well, I don't think that's a word, but you make up words all the time.

But also this was created you know,

with the intention of being able to,

help farming and help agriculture in the very,

very, very beginning. And That's a lie,

but Okay. Alright. Go ahead.

How do you think, kid? It was great for war.

Initially, and it can be used to help with farming

and control farming weather patterns and everything,

but initially, it was created

for war because when you look at the foundation of or it's to control natural resources.

Without natural resources, you control people.

So, I mean, people think about money,

but money doesn't matter if there's no natural resources.

So that's why this, weather modification was so huge because you control literally countries,

if not parts of continents through weather modification.

And then there's Harp technology,

and there's all these other technologies that combine with it to do this.

And you're like, well, shit. You're we're screwed.

We can't control anything.

And it's understanding that we we got here because we gave our power away.

We gave our trust, away.

And that came, that trust,

that lack of power. Now we're getting to receive the pain from realizing that we did that.

So it's to understand that every single solution,

every single remedy is actually inside the problem.

So the problem isn't you know,

direct energy weapons, the problem isn't weather modification,

the problem isn't those things. The problem is that we gave our power up to how to use those things.

Those technologies are equally beneficial,

as Nicole is talking about Doctor. Dee Martini,

that's his whole methodology is based on that one simple concept and true science and physics,

is that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

So if you haven't heard of direct energy weapons,

you know, Boeing has the technology these different companies has different,

technologies and it's literally it could shoot a laser and it can start fires.

And you're like, well, that's crazy. It's actually being used in

farming industry right now on a very micro scale.

And they have literally cameras that will go on,

these little robots on a machine that can either be drones as well.

On drones as well. And it will go through and it will actually scan the farmland for any weeds.

And as soon as it hits a picture of that weed,

it shoots a laser down and actually burns the weed.

Which is amazing because you're not using pesticides,

you're not using herbicides. You don't have to have any of those

chemicals genetically engineered in inside the seed,

you can actually have pure, healthy, organic,

and in the same aspect, you can allow more nutrients in the topsoil

because the weeds aren't consuming that.

So you're using a direct energy weapon that we're saying is bad

but in a good beneficial way. Soon

as we can actually grow our awareness and society to understand that we have this technology,

it's they're only going to do things based on the flow of money.

So if we start spending our money on these products from farms

that are actually using this technology,

well, we're gonna force them to be able to use that technology and to stop the other aspect.

This is the part of control. The other thing too about this is that this

has already been achieved in other countries.

So I talked about this a really,

really long time ago because it's many years ago now that we went to France.

And when we were in France, there was a segment on the news go

figure that was talking about Agrotech

and that Agrotech was growing rapidly in France,

but it was because They have such a massively high value on food and wine in France.

And if you've ever been there, you know that that's true.

And they have such a massive value on that that they are going above

and beyond with leveraging different technologies artificial intelligence,

drone technologies, infrared camera technologies in order to

make sure that there is no infestation of mold on,

in the vineyards. So they have literally drones that hover over

and use infrared technology to figure out if there is any type of mold that is on a vine.

And then if it is, it's sends a signal back.

And maybe this is more advanced than it is or than it was then,

but then they're able to go in

and resolve that issue so it doesn't infiltrate other vines that are close by.

And that is because Yeah.

Back then, we had to have that screenshot of that parcel geographically of land

and it would send literally like a message And then a person will go out there,

evaluate it and trim up and remove any of the mold or,

you know, toxic overgrowth.

But now we have literally the technology of direct energy weapons just in a micro-scale,

and we can use this link user to be able to be completely accurate

and not have to have a physical human go out and do that.

And this is a concept that quote-unquote scares people because then we're like,

okay. Well, we have this AI technology have all this technology.

We literally have the technology of robotics to be able to replace all these people.

Like, why it's it's so are we gonna make money?

You know, it's like, oh my god. I'm not gonna have a job anymore.

And I'm like, the goal when we look at evolution.

The goal is to To do what you actually fucking like and not tedious things that a machine can do.

Well, and the goal is to honestly re even above that is to replace yourself.

When we look at cycles of energy and cycles of creation,

every single form of creation eventually becomes intelligent enough

that it replaces itself with another form of creation.

And, you know,

we get down deeper of a rabbit hole. I'm going down a rabbit hole.

Stop there. So the goal is that these robotics,

the artificial intelligence, the advancement in technology,

should be taking over essentially factory working jobs or jobs that,

you know, are similar to that. You know,

put this here, put that there, put the sticker on,

wrap this, and which who really enjoys doing something like that?

That type of repetitive, you don't use your brain.

You know, you are essentially operating a machine.

You know, when you think back and some of you know this,

some of you do not, but it's like our school systems were

redesigned many years ago by the Rockefeller family

and it was to create nine to five directory workers.

It was to create programmable employees.

And nowadays, we have you know,

our younger generations, which are pushing back on that.

They're looking at their parents and even grandparents,

and they're like, wait, what did you do? You worked nine to five,

five to six days a week for forty years,

and you barely can live on your retirement,

and Actually, you're just sick in your retirement.

This is human behavior coming from,

we want to fill our life up based on the voids.

So we overcompensated in one way.

Now this generation has the awareness that that wasn't a really good system to be in.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this way it works

is now that we go, that generation tends to go to the all completely polarized,

and where they don't wanna fucking do anything.

Besides, play video games, which,

I mean, there's pros to video games, don't get me wrong,

not being polarized about it. But we As a society,

we can dictate how quick or how long it's gonna take us to come back into that medium.

Just like ourselves, we heal ourselves by getting our consciousness,

our awareness, and our actions back into a state of balance.

So the more we can do this collectively out society,

the more we're going to go away from the nightmare based on trying to reach this fantasy,

and that we can actually just come and utilize both sides and,

you know, jumping that, going back to the robotics,

the AI, and this and that. That balance means that we're gonna have,

okay, cohesive relationship. We're gonna be working together.

And a lot of that repetitive non-thinking,

non-stimulating, non-growth type of jobs,

they're gonna be done with robotics.

And we're going to allow people to actually live why we're here.

We're not here. Work. We're not here to work.

We're here to live, and we're here to,

honestly, to get down. We're here to learn how to love.

And we're so deep down the fucking rabbit hole now that some of you might be like,

you know, even getting irritated with this idea. I was like,

what do you mean? Like, my life, I have work. I have to make money.

I have to support my family. I have to put food on the table.

And yeah, that's all part of, you know,

what we've what we've been told.

But Do you really think that your life was intended

for you to spend eighty percent of your time working in a job you fucking hate?

And ostracizing your relationships

and your own personal care to then end up sick in your retirement

and spend the rest of your days in doctor appointments with zero quality of life.

Like, is that what life is really supposed to be?

That's what I was fed as a kid. And I was just like,

that's sounds really fucking terrible. And if that's the vision that I have,

I might as well just end it now. Well,

even if, I mean, the goal is to not ever work.

Just to love what you do.

But anytime and what Nick means by that is you do something that you love so much.

It generates the money that you want for your life,

but you don't call it work because you actually love it.

Yep. You just you whether you're getting paid or you're not getting paid,

you just do it. And this takes me to the construct of money

because we're programmed that we have to do something

because we need to receive a certain amount of money to live a certain lifestyle,

and some of that lifestyle is created from an imbalance that we're we're buying things

or purchase things we're wanting to do things to fill up a void because we weren't loving ourselves.

And then we have that oppression or that anger,

that resentment, and we need to compensate in the equal and opposite quick pleasure.

But then that creates another imbalance and that feeds that cycle.

I don't know if I sent this to you yesterday,

but it was an awesome video that was about luxury brands were made for poor people

or lower income. And I was, like,

I would like to listen to this

and it was this idea that they've actually proven in

research is that you sell these luxury brands

because in lower income,

it's an achievement. And you can wear that achievement on your on your body and say,

look what I have achieved. But if you are wealthy enough that you could buy Gucci,

you could buy the corporation, then you don't care about wearing that,

or you don't care about driving Ferrari,

you like nice things, but you're just like,

I'm so rich. I could buy the corporation.

I'm not necessarily to show that I have enough money to drive it.

Yeah. Bill Gates wears new balances. Come on.

Be better than the gap. So which takes us down to this,

you know, if you're listening to us,

you probably have been fed a lot of other information,

and where we're at in money today is all so something that we've been programmed about.

We've been programmed that we need to work

and achieve this amount of money

so that we can spend that money to receive something that's going to benefit us,

to benefit and help us to love ourselves us to be healthy,

help us to spend it on, you know, expensive organic pasture-raised food,

all of the things. And we realize that way money is now,

a, it ain't money. And,

b, it's a form of enslavement.

And until we realize this as a population that we are all right now currently slaves,

we're gonna stay in a big deeper,

stronger state of pain. And why I say that we're all currently asleep right now is

because worse bending what we call money,

but it's not money. It's debt. It's a Federal Reserve note.

And the Federal Reserve isn't even a government agency.

It's a private agency. And when you do the research,

we pay all these taxes to the IRS,

which also is not a government agency.

It is a private agency. And all that tax money goes to the IRS to pay off the

interest of the Federal Reserve printing money

so that it can actually make its money back.

So it is a system for very few people to make a shit ton of money

while actually increasing and printing money every single day,

which what decreases your value because you are paying them.

And every time that they print money and give it to Ukraine and anywhere else,

guess what? Your time is worth less and less and less.

So your slave, you're entrapment extends how much you have to work,

which means you're doing something that's not allowing you to live.

That's called slavery. So hopefully this fucking hurts a little bit

because until we allow it to sting and become painful enough,

unfortunately in human behavior, we won't take action until it's painful enough.

So fuel the pain, use the pain,

and then figure out how to either a go through and use the system to serve yourself,

or b, allow the collective consciousness to stand up and say,

we're not doing this anymore.

And what's awesome to see is that that consciousness is already coming to effect.

There's the BRICS nations Brazil,

Russia, India, China.

There's Saudi Arabia's joining. All these other countries are joining.

And they're they have created a new currency that's actually backed again by precious metals

and commodities.

And I'm not saying that that is the end goal and that's the end all be all,

but that is the transition into getting away from just,

federal reserve note, a debt, aspect of currency,

what we call money, and actually getting back into a standard of me.

I honestly don't believe that we should have money,

but I'm a very futuristic, thinking person where from Welcome to my household.

From well, I'm just gonna go there so people can understand it.

It's like, we work with healthy people,

and we work with sick people.

And the main thing that every single problem that comes up is a lack of love,

a lack of self-love. And every single symptom,

every single lack of happiness, joy,

etcetera, every single emotion that somebody experiences is literally can be drawn back

up because everything physical comes out of a non-physical component first,

which comes from the mind, all is mental when you've studied the Kabbalah.

And when we get to that truth,

money is unnecessary. Money was created for a means of exchange.

And it was created for a fair exchange that if you provided a really good service,

well, that service was gonna be worth more than a service that wasn't of high value.

But now that we're just printing money and that money has its own inflationary aspect to it,

and that they're devaluing your time for that service,

well, it's never gonna be a fair exchange,

which is why that we're all slaves in this moment.

So until we can get out of that system,

that cycle, you're never going to truly be able to love yourself if you're working for money.

That's why Like money's not the root of evil.

Money is a tool that's allowing us to be able to appreciate ourselves.

That we shouldn't be working

for money. We should be working for literally the energy that fuels you up,

figuring out what lights you up, because that is what's most important in life.

But that's also, you know, when you go back and you look back in time,

we may we lived in communities where we bartered goods.

And, you know, we had a community where that was where you sourced

your milk from the cows that were in the

village and you sourced your produce from the garden that was or the farm that was in the village.

And, you know, even if you go and you start looking at these blue zones,

which are the healthiest people in the world,

that they have the most amount of centaurians,

people that have lived past a hundred, you're going to see that a lot of

these quote-unquote old school practices still exist.

They're not they're not paying each other for services.

Yeah. They're these are not individuals that are so busy that they eat out of a box or they eat,

you know, on the go, you see them actually.

They pride themselves on making their meals from scratch.

They sit down and enjoy meal together.

They play games. They have conversations. There's laughter.

There's playfulness. There's quality time.

There's quality time. There's connections. There's memberships.

There's family as a priority,

and they get their hands dirty.

They get their hands dirty with everything from gardening to

cooking food to making their own tinctures.

These are not individuals that are usually,

the conventional medicine system, and they are living healthily,

into their nineties past a hundred and you see these individuals as they're farming,

they're riding horses, and they're ninety-nine years old.

And they're not they're not in bed.

They're not in a wheelchair. They're they're none of that.

It's, it's very, very interesting.

You know, I think in the grand scheme of things,

from a very micro scale,

like a simplistic view is that I think all of the crazy things happening in the

world are getting us back to the simple things in life,

and it's it's detracting us from this idea of work work work go go go do do do hustle hustle hustle,

hustle, make money, make money, make money, make money.

And it's helping us to prioritize relationships,

connection, family, self-preservation.

And because if we don't have any of those things,

what does the money even matter? You know,

we work with some individuals that have worked their whole lives

and now they are quote-unquote retired and they had this vision of retirement.

They had a vision that they were gonna take vacations.

They were gonna travel. They were gonna golf every day,

and they're not doing any of that. They are in doctor's appointments.

They have been given critical diagnosis.

They are, you know,

they're they're literally thinking about their end of days.

That is something that I just feel like,

is just it honestly breaks my heart that that is the reality

for some individuals And it's also breaks my heart that the families of those individuals,

they had that person saying,

you know, oh, once I have my retirement,

you know, we'll have more quality time together. I'll be home for dinner more,

or I can have breakfast with the kids,

you know, that retirement happens,

and now that they still don't have that time with the people that matter to them most.

So it's really understanding that,

yes, nothing is good nor bad, but we do collectively need to change.

And we need to vote with our dollars right now

because we are run by corporations

and most of the decisions that are being made on a global scale are for-profit purposes.

They can do that because we vote with our dollars.

You know, I know that I'm even victim of using Amazon for convenience purposes.

And I realized that I need to stop looking

for that convenience if I truly want to be well

and truly want to be someone who is pushing the world back to a healthier world.

So I just think that I really hope that this is insightful.

Take one piece and run with it,

and don't believe everything you see on the media.

And connect with your neighbors again.

Connect with your family. You know, don't to yourself about spending quality time with yourself,

quality time with the people you love

because time is the main thing you're never gonna get back.

So you're slightly polarized on that view,

but yes. It's an Thanks for schooling me,

Nick. Well, because I mean,

that you I mean,

it's a half-truth. Yeah, I mean, you said Everything is a half-truth.

It's that's true and false.

And We need to vote with our dollars,

but at the same time, when you

when we look at the capacity to create and allow humanity to live is that

you know, Amazon is could be transformed into a huge part of allowing that to occur.

They have created a beast of a system,

and soon as we allow that system to and they've already started the process to become more robotic,

and the robots are out there to honestly be able to do this.

We just We're waiting for that select view

or whatever happens to flip that switch that will allow this transition to occur.

But because we're we have been,

for the longest time, controlled by a few families and a few corporations within the world,

as well as, you know, drones out there to do your own research.

Well as the legal system, that they control how everything works

because everything is just a contract,

and Once we can get back into that state of equity and understand that we're all we're all equal.

We're all playing together for the same goal,

which is literally just to live,

to love, to feel joy,

gratitude, to be in that state of balance,

not being controlled, not the have twos,

not the I ought twos. It's just I wake up and I get to do this.

Whatever that is, that's congruent to somebody's highest values.

Once we get to that stage, there's gonna be a release of all this technology that's been suppressed.

Based on profit and based on control and based on power.

And, you know, that's going to allow I mean,

the quantum technology that's that's out there that's not being used is insane,

and there's gonna be, you know,

quantum banking, there's gonna be all those different types of quantum

technology that's gonna be backed on blockchain technology.

And it's not that like crypto's bad or good,

you know, it's the blockchain, which is literally just the new form of the internet,

web three. And that's going to allow everything to work so much more efficiently.

Not only just on an energetic transfer.

But allow all that processing to occur because like we said,

every think Nick has had all of this bottled up for a long time,

and now he's sharing it with all of you, and your brains are probably exploding onto the wall.

Everything's everything is just data.

You dropped so many bombs in this.

Everything's just data. So it's it's just about,

you know, asking better quality questions So we can have a better quality vision.

If we can't see something, we can't create something.

And this is, you know, foundationally we work where you do with,

you know, entrepreneurs, work where you do with just on a single aspect

of what do you want your life to look like?

But if where we want to go,

if we can't picture it, if we can't see it, if we can't feel it,

we cannot create it. So I'm throwing all this shit out here because,

yeah, I've taken the time to research all this stuff.

Why? Not because I'm crazy

and in fear because I wanna figure out how to create the life that I wanna live in.

This is why I do all that research. And all of those technologies are gonna be a part of that.

Like, there there's planes right now that have been created that run on hydrogen.

There's cars that run on hydrogen. And I'm not saying somebody created in their backyard

like Mercedes has created a car that runs on hydrogen.

None of this shit is being thrown out in media because guess what?

They want you keeping to buy gas. And guess what?

Biden just increased and signed a thing that gas prices are gonna be going up.

Like, all these things. Why? To control us?

It's time for us to step out of being a slave and start controlling our own destiny again.

And when we do that, guess what? Your symptoms are gonna go away

because you're actually loving who you are and you're allowing who you are to shine.

And you feel free. Alright,

guys. Well, hopefully, your brains aren't completely all over the wall at this point.

We threw a lot at you, mainly Doctor. Nick.

And so you have Next up, we're gonna talk about how we live in a simulation.

Oh my gosh. If you have,

specific topics, that you wanna hear more about that he just,

you know, dropped in this episode.

Please let us know in the comments.