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Stop Putting Leashes On Your Kids

Season #1

In this episode of Integrative You Radio, hosts Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick engage in a lively discussion on parenting philosophies and the crucial stages of child development. The conversation is sparked by a video advocating for a distinct approach to disciplining and nurturing children at various ages. Dr. Nick challenges conventional thinking, emphasizing the early cultivation of critical thinking skills and decision-making in children. 

The hosts passionately encourage proactive and present parenting, urging listeners to establish family values, lead by example, and embrace the unique qualities of their children for a foundation that supports limitless potential. Listen to the full episode to learn more

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What you’ll learn:    

  1. Early Mindset Development: The hosts emphasize the critical importance of the zero to seven-year window in shaping a child's mindset. They advocate for a mentorship-based approach during this period, stressing the need to instill critical thinking skills and decision-making early on.
  2. Proactive Parenting: Listeners are encouraged to adopt a proactive and present parenting style. Establishing family values, leading by example, and embracing the unique qualities of each child are highlighted as essential components for fostering limitless potential in the growing years.
  3. Transitioning Parenting Styles: As children mature, the hosts discuss the transition from a coaching to a friendship-based parenting style. They underscore the significance of maintaining a balance between support and challenge, drawing parallels between effective parenting and successful business management.


"We really need to be proactive as parents." - Dr. Nick
"The goal is to build resilient, independent, good human beings."- Dr. Nicole