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Rethinking Secondary Fertility

Season #1

Welcome back to Integrative You Radio! In this episode, Dr. Nicole sheds light on the often-overlooked concept of secondary infertility, where the challenge of conceiving a second child arises after a successful first pregnancy. Dr. Nicole takes a unique approach by linking mental well-being to fertility, exploring the impact of global stress and fear on reproductive health. She encourages listeners to delve into their internal fears and uncertainties about the world's safety, suggesting that addressing these concerns may be key to unlocking the path to successful conception.

Dr. Nicole encourages listeners to shift their focus from external diagnoses to internal exploration, fostering a holistic approach to create a vision for the future that aligns with their desire to build a family. Tune in to the full episode to learn more!

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What you’ll learn:    

  1. Secondary Infertility Link to Mental Well-being: Dr. Nicole suggests that secondary infertility may be tied to mental well-being, with global stressors impacting stress hormones and fertility.
  2. Global Chronic Stress Impact: The episode highlights the widespread impact of chronic global stress on reproductive health, connecting external challenges to internal hormonal imbalances.
  3. Holistic Approach for Conception: Listeners are urged to shift focus from external diagnoses to internal exploration, adopting a holistic approach that addresses mental and emotional aspects for successful conception.


"I really invite you to stop seeking externally, more tests, more diagnoses, and start to look internally." - Dr. Nicole

"And I love how we're labeling everything nowadays, but when I specifically looked this up, it said that this is affecting millions of families, which I find to be very alarming, but very eye-opening."- Dr. Nicole