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The Flaws In Data And Science That Are Making Us Sick

Season #1

Integrative You Radio explores the depths of health, wellness, and self-discovery, led by Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick. In this episode, the hosts engage in a raw and unscripted conversation, navigating through topics such as the limitations of conventional medicine, the influence of external information, and the importance of self-awareness.

Dr. Nicole and Dr. Nick highlight the significance of tapping into one's internal compass and intuition to make informed decisions about health and life. They emphasize the need to break free from external distractions, societal expectations, and the constant influx of information. The hosts encourage listeners to explore their values, unapologetically define who they are, and embrace the beauty of living a life true to oneself. The episode delves into the challenges and rewards of self-discovery, urging individuals to embark on the journey of self-awareness for a more fulfilling and authentic existence.

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What you’ll learn:    

  1. Question External Influence: Challenge external sources shaping your beliefs.
  2. Connect Internally: Disconnect to rediscover personal intuition and values.
  3. Live by Values: Embrace and align decisions with core personal values.


"I have been able to navigate some of these really crazy times because nothing surprises me." - Dr. Nicole
"There's so much input from so many outside sources. And when you're constantly distracted, you don't even know how to think straight."- Dr. Nick