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Energy Mastery: Bridging Mind and Body for Greater Understanding

Season #1

Welcome back to Integrative You Radio with Dr. Nick! In this episode, Dr. Nick is joined by Kayla Weidner, the brilliant marketing mind behind Integrative You. The duo explores an unconventional interview style, inspired by the "one word, one minute" challenge they conduct in their weekly meetings. Kayla surprises Dr. Nick with a series of rapid-fire one-word questions, delving into his professional journey and expertise.

Dr. Nick shares insights into his transformation from a chiropractor to an integrative medicine doctor and explores the concept of psycho-energetic healing. He dives into the intricacies of his unique testing methods, combining holographic energy healing, muscle testing, and quantum physics to facilitate remote testing. The episode provides a fascinating glimpse into Dr. Nick's multidimensional approach to health and his commitment to helping individuals enhance their connection to energy for a better quality of life. Join them on this insightful and dynamic journey into the world of integrative health!

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What you’ll learn:    

  • Innovative Testing: Dr. Nick introduces cutting-edge testing methods, blending holographic energy healing and quantum physics.
  • Professional Evolution: Dr. Nick's journey from chiropractor to integrative medicine doctor showcases a versatile and dynamic career progression.
  • Connection for Well-being: The key focus is on enhancing personal energy connection to improve overall quality of life.


"Space is the foundation of time; time creates quality, quality of life is what we're all after." - Dr. Nick
"Every single day is a story of how energy and mind complement each other, leading to greater understanding and impact on the world."- Dr. Nick