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Unlocking Life's 2.0: A Journey through Values, Fun, and Generational Change

Season #1

In this episode, Kayla engages in a compelling conversation with Dr. Nicole Rivera, a trailblazing figure in integrative medicine and entrepreneurship. Dr. Rivera shares her transformative journey, moving from a successful brick-and-mortar medical practice on the East Coast to founding Integrative You. 

The discussion revolves around the pivotal decision to shift focus and prioritize a balanced life, synchronizing health, relationships, family, and personal fulfillment. Dr. Rivera emphasizes the importance of understanding core values, breaking free from societal programming, and embarking on a journey towards a "limitless 2.0 life." The episode delivers insightful advice for influential leaders, urging them to reassess their values and align their decisions with their authentic selves for a truly fulfilling existence.

Interested in learning more about Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole’s courses, memberships, or private work? Learn more at Integrative You. Have a quick question, Would you like to schedule a call, or just want to say hi? Text us at 732.913.0009.

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What you’ll learn:    

  1. Start with Your Values: When feeling stuck or limited, start by identifying and aligning with your core values. Regularly reassess them as you evolve.
  2. Fun is Essential: Even busy leaders benefit from prioritizing fun. Creating a lighthearted environment contributes significantly to overall well-being and can be a catalyst for healing.
  3. Generational Change Begins Within: To create a meaningful impact on the world, focus on inner work and self-mastery. Balancing internal growth with external expertise leads to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


"It's not about the value, it's actually about your version of that value" - Dr. Nicole
"There needs to be a death for a birth, there needs to be a breakdown for a build-up." - Dr. Nicole