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Integrative You Radio

Integrative You Radio

Hosted by: Dr. Nicole Rivera & Dr. Nick Carruthers

Get Inspired with our Real, Raw, and Disruptive podcast, IntegrativeYou Radio. With close to 30K monthly listeners, get ready for out-of-the-box insights and transformative tools on how to up-level your health,...


The root cause of Endometriosis, bladder issues, and ovarian cysts. Covering inflammation, toxin infections, and psychosomatic root causes.

Season #1 Episode #189

Did you know that endometriosis typically develops as our bodies' defense against harm to our internal organs? The buildup of tissue will occur if there are bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. People frequently...
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How the hustle culture is destroying your health and (essentially) your life

Season #1 Episode #188

On this week's episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole discuss how to preserve your retirement. Most people post-retirement have their doctor on speed dial due to their laundry list of...
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The Root Cause of Kidney Stones

Season #1 Episode #187

On this week's episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nick & Dr. Nicole, cover the major root causes of kidney stones and how this can manifest as a top-down or a bottom-up issue. A Peak Inside: Kidneys filter...
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Understanding Mold Toxicity and Biotoxin Illness

Season #1 Episode #186

It is estimated that half of the buildings in the United States may be “WDB”, or water-damaged buildings. Most houses are often built of wood and drywall, and mold and fungi thrive on these types of building materials...
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How Does Emotional Trauma Physiologically Affect Us Later in Life

Season #1 Episode #185

Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one's ability to cope. Depending on how you're affected, trauma may cause difficulties in your daily life. On this week’s episode of...
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The chronic pain and infectious disease connection

Season #1 Episode #184

Chronic pain is a common, complex, and distressing problem that has a profound impact on individuals and society. On this episode of Integrative Wellness Radio, we will be discussing the connection between permanent...
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Discussing Vasectomies and the link to prostate issues, Neurodegeneration, and Cardiovascular issues

Season #1 Episode #183

Marking the 200th episode, Integrative Wellness Radio is back today with the highly requested episode on Vasectomy, what it means for your body and how it can be linked to a whole bunch of health problems such as...
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Why everyone should have a red light at home with Scott Kennedy

Season #1 Episode #182

There are many health benefits when it comes to red light therapy. To name a few, red light therapy is useful in decreasing inflammation and stimulating post-procedure wound healing. It can also help bolster hair...
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The root of Reflux and Indigestion disorders

Season #1 Episode #181

Taking a dive into the gut series. Today on Integrative Wellness Radio, Dr. Nicole will be talking about some of the common issues related to the gut such as indigestion and reflux. We are seeing so much increase in...
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Why Are Allergies Becoming An Epidemic (Especially In Our Children)

Season #1 Episode #180

Diving into the hot topic of allergies, this week on the Integrative Wellness Radio we’ll be talking about sensitivities that are caused by diet and environmental factors. These sensitivities can turn into full-blown...
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Revealing the Root Cause of Autoimmune Skin Conditions

Season #1 Episode #179

We’ve talked about skin conditions in previous episodes of Integrative Wellness Radio. But today specifically we’ll be taking a deep dive into the autoimmune aspect of skin conditions along with our host Dr....
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Understanding Autoimmune Neurological Conditions

Season #1 Episode #178

Spinning off from the previous week’s episode. Today’s episode of Integrative Wellness Radio brings autoimmune neurological conditions, what are some of these conditions, and how they manifest in the first place.  Dr....
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