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Is It Manifesting or Just Hard Work?

Season #1


Welcome back to Integrative You Radio! Today's episode is a captivating exploration of manifestation versus hard work, featuring Dr. Nick and Dr. Nicole. Join us as they delve into the nuances of manifesting dreams and achieving goals through aligned action. From personal anecdotes to practical advice, this episode offers invaluable insights into creating the life you desire.

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What you’ll learn:    

  1. Manifestation & Hard Work: Align action with intention for effective goal achievement.
  2. Clarity & Gratitude: Clear vision and gratitude neutralize guilt and shame, paving the way for manifestation.
  3. Being vs. Doing: Focus on "being" rather than just "doing" for efficient manifestation and tangible results.


  • “Energy flows where attention goes”. - Dr. Nick Carruthers
  • “Work harder on being, not just doing”. - Dr. Nicole Rivera